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Purchasing TV stands

The main concerns when purchasing TV stands and entertainment centers are strength and durability, ventilation, room for expansion and accessibility. If you will be adding speakers, you will also have to decide if you need to leave room for freestanding speaker stands or if you will be including the speakers in your entertainment center setup. The kind of TV stand you choose will largely depend on the type of television you are buying the stand for. Before shopping for one, it will save you time and money if you know: the size of your TV, how much it weighs and the size and weight of any additional components you want the stand to hold.

Buying Tips

Since traditional or CRT televisions tend to be heavier than other types of TVs, TV stands and entertainment centers intended to display and store conventional tube TVs are designed to accommodate the weight. A CRT TV stand can essentially be used for any other type of television, such as plasma or LCD, because they are generally lighter than conventional televisions.

Flat screen televisions are sleek and dramatic in appearance. TV stands specifically for a plasma or LCD TV are designed to showcase the latest in today’s technology. A flat screen TV stand can also combine strength with stability to accommodate extra-wide screen televisions. As an DiseƱo de stands alternative to using a stand, since LCD and plasma TVs are generally lighter than conventional televisions, they can mounted to a wall, ceiling or swivel arm using the appropriate mounting solution.

If you are shopping for a stand for a rear projection TV, keep in mind that they are generally deeper in the back than plasma or LCD televisions. Make sure that the top shelf of the TV stand will be wide enough to accommodate the TV.

Buy the stand separately and not at the same time as you purchase your television and/or DVD player. This will allow you to see exactly what you need now and to take into account any future needs.

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