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Achieving Brilliant, Radiant, Brighter Skin

As our facial skin ages, it loses more and more of its ability to reflect light. Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pigmentations progressively accumulate in both the superficial and deeper layers of the facial skin making it actually look slightly darker. Years of sun damage and weathering also tends to give the facial skin a darker hue. Simultaneously, the sun and the elements add some wrinkles and lines that absorb more light than they reflect, unlike the smoother skin we had when we were younger. The collagen content of the face begins to diminish, and so does the subcutaneous fat content. The facial skin literally begins to thin and develops more surface irregularity as a result. An uneven skin surface with a rough texture does not reflect light and shine as well as smooth, soft skin does. All these factors combine and conspire to limit the brightness of the skin. The face begins to tend to have a dull, dark finish and then, unfortunately, we increasingly look more sullen, sallow, tired and old. Look that way long SkinCell PRO enough and you start to feel that way too.

Can we improve the brightness of the skin by whitening or lightening skin care techniques? Absolutely. These techniques are based on current methods used for excessive pigment situations known as “hyperpigmentation”. Taken to the extreme we can even effectuate a true “bleaching” of the skin. But bleaching is an unsophisticated, incomplete and possibly ill-advised approach to the quest of improving the radiance of the skin. Bleaching alone is merely addressing the pigment issues and not the other “neglected” qualitative aspects of the skin which are at least as significant and in need of equal attention if not more. And bleaching is supposed to do what exactly? What about looking natural, preserving ethnic identity or the potential color mismatches (of the face with the neck and body) with such treatments?

Better than bleaching (or simply whitening or lightening for that matter) are techniques which serve to improve the overall health of the skin and its reflective qualities. We don’t necessarily want “whiter” skin – what we really want is to improve the facial skin’s brightness, and brilliance. By focusing on reflecting more light, we strive to increase the luminosity and radiance of the skin. We do not seek a “whiter”, washed out, strange-looking, ethnic erasing, color mismatched or pale looking skin. We want a naturally younger, refreshed, more alive, beautiful, radiant look (and feel) to a restored, rejuvenated and healthier skin! We are all very familiar with the expression, “A beautiful, healthy glow”.

How do we accomplish all this? It must start where all good skin care starts – with a complete history and physical examination coupled with a thorough consultation by a qualified, trustworthy expert in cosmetic skin care. Then, the formulation of a cohesive, customized care plan and we can begin!

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