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Improving Blurred Vision With Simple Eye Exercises

On the first sign of blurred vision, what do you usually do? Do you go to the ophthalmologist straight away? While going to an expert is still a vital thing to do, there are actually alternatives to dealing with blurred vision—performing simple eye exercises.

A blurry vision may be a sign of another problem. It can be an indication that an eye disease is present. It can either affect one eye (unilateral blurred vision) or both (bilateral blurred vision) eyes. And whether it happens often or rarely, it must not be left unattended as it may mean something more serious. Any type of vision loss such as blindness, double vision, and blurry vision could indicate several different things varying from glaucoma to migraine, which can lead to blindness if not treated immediately.

What does blurred vision in one eye mean?

If you are experiencing blurriness in one eye, you should go to a physician for it to be assessed and evaluated. Blurred vision in one eye is a serious medical symptom resulting from an inability of the optic nerve to process images as they are seen. It can be due to a build-up of Vision 20 pressure within the eye or a clouding of the lens of the eye. In some cases, blurred vision is caused by an ocular migraine or diabetes. Also, be vigilant of a headache with blurred vision symptom as it may be an indication of a stroke which necessitates immediate examination by a health professional.

Eye conditions

Cataracts- this is the most common cause of blurred vision among the elderly. In this condition, the lens of the eyes becomes clouded from a degeneration of the proteins that form the lens. Objects become blurry and a halo may come into sight around lights. Reports of loss in the intensity of colors and difficulty seeing at night are also noted.

Glaucoma-this is an eye disease caused by a formation of pressure within the eye causing the blurred vision in one eye. Because of the build-up of the pressure, the ocular nerve is damaged resulting to visual alterations.

Relieving Blurred Vision

Your initial action upon experiencing blurred vision should be going to your doctor as soon as possible. The treatment to be given to you may depend on the severity of your condition. For instance, your doctor may recommend going through a surgery to treat blurriness caused by cataracts. But aside from these measures, you can perform simple eye exercises that can help your eye focus better and improve sharpness and agility of the eyes.

Flexibility-by moving your eyes around during the day, it will gradually help you see clearer. Just move your eyes to the right without moving your head and you will see a slight blurry area. Let your eyes adjust to the movement until the area comes in more clearly. Then move in a new direction. Do this several times in each direction-right, left, up and down. With the movements you do with your eyes, it helps your eye muscles stay in shape.

Eye circles-by moving your eyes in a slow circle it improves your peripheral focus, helping you increase and stretch your field of vision. You can start by visualizing a clock face and moving your eyes in a slow circle letting each area come into clear focus before moving on. Start at 12 and move clockwise. If you feel tired, take a break and look at the middle of the clock to rest your eyes. Perform the exercises 3-4 times.

Far/near focusing-this exercise helps visual acuity. By focusing on a distant object, like a picture frame, then a near object, such as a pen, it will help your eyes swiftly and easily adjust to changing conditions and enhance your central vision.

Palming-you can relieve eyestrain and relax your eyes by just doing this exercise in 10 minutes. To perform this, sit on a chair at a table with your elbow resting on a surface. Rub your hands together to produce warmth on your palms, and cup your hands over both eyes without applying pressure to the sockets. Maintain this position for 10 minutes and make sure to breathe deeply and feel relaxed. Not only will this improve blurred vision for tired eyes but will also relax your eyes, mind and body.

Swinging-this exercise will help lubricate the eyes and keep them free of debris. To perform this exercise, you simply stand up and concentrate on a distant point such as the horizon. Sway back and forth as you keep your eyes focused on the point. Blink your eyes every time you sway. This exercise is recommended for those who spend a lot of time staring at a computer as this can cause drying of eyes.

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