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Hotels Near Tawahanga, Hawaii – Discover More About These rentals!

Tawaman rental – the perfect getaway. Situated in the heart of the Bay of Plenty for spectacular views over the ocean and up and down the coast, Tawaman is a great place to base your Tauranga holiday. With a variety of accommodation options including Tawainui beachfront apartments, beachside villas, historic houses and historic farmhouses, Tawaman can suit every budget and lifestyle. A range of Tauranga accommodations can be found throughout the city and along the Tauranga coastline, so it’s possible for visitors to find something to suit their needs.

Tawana Beach – The beach is a popular destination, particularly for younger travellers. With family beaches, cafe facilities, restaurants and shops, Tawana is an ideal stopping point for day trips out to sea. Popular spots include Tawana Wharf, with its collection of freestanding buildings and tall tower. The Wharf has also been the setting of some exciting sea-side thrill-seeking scenes, including helicopter rides and sky-diving. If you prefer something more quiet and peaceful, head up to Te Puke for a laid-back holiday. It has some of the best views of the harbour from any position, and is a perfect stop off for sightseeing and surfing.

Te Puke/ Papamoa – Te Puke is known as New Zealand’s “small town” and is popular for its unique culture and laid-back atmosphere タワマン 賃貸. The town has a long history, and a highlight of any Tawahanga visit is the annual Te Puke festival. This summer, Papamoa has become even more of a hot spot, attracting surfers and beachgoers alike. Famous for its soft sand and easygoing atmosphere, this area is worth a day trip.

Papamoa Huts – Located close to Papamoa, a Tawahanga rental car makes a perfect stop off on your exploration of the countryside. Set in over 20 traditional hut settlements, these rustic cabins are the perfect starting point for exploring the bush. Many of these will have been built in the 1950s, when fuel was still an expensive commodity. They will be well-insulated and equipped with power, phone and internet. You can take your own vehicle or hire one of their eco-tour buses. Hire a friendly driver who will take you on a tour around the huts and speak about the lifestyle of the local people.

Tawahanga Gorge – This is the most popular tourist destination in Tawahanga. The Gorge is a series of waterfalls which tumbles into the Te Anau River. The water can be extremely enjoyable and calming; you should be sure to take some waterproof clothing to stay dry. There are no safaris within the Gorge, but it is a popular area for bird watchers and walkers.

Beach Rodeo – This is another popular attraction, offering great entertainment, relaxation and activity for all ages. The beach is the main attraction here, but there is plenty to do on the ground too. Kayaking, playing beach volleyball, or watching surfers come down the beach are just a few of the activities you can partake in. This beach also offers beautiful scenery. There are many guided tours of the area, as well as excursions that allow you to experience life on the beach from the ground up.

Waimea Canyon Rental – This is a Tawahanga / Papamoa rental, where you will feel like royalty. A one-bedroom unit will be furnished with a king size bed, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a balcony. This unit is perfect for families and is just a short drive from Tainui hotels and attractions. You will also find a variety of different activities going on in this area including boating, hiking, nature walks, kayaking and fishing.

Kaitaia Rental – This is a popular Tawahanga / Papamoa rental near the towns of Meningie and Waiheke. This rental is home to a single room that can easily be converted into a couple’s room. It is located next to several Tainui resorts and Waikiki attractions such as the Sunset Beach Golf Course and the Na Pali Coast. This is a great place to enjoy the beach and the area surrounding it without worrying about disturbing the local culture.

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