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Texas Hold Em Strategies and Texas Hold Em Hand Ranks

This article is all about Texas hold 에이스홀덤 em hands and though it may appear to be aimed at novices and beginners, it is not. There is a lot all of us poker players can learn and refresh ourselves with.

The amount of times I see an experienced player make a foolish (and costly!) mistake is more often than anyone would expect.

Here are the most powerful starting hands that you should get behind:

  • A pair of aces.
  • A pair of Kings.
  • Ace/King of the same suit.
  • A pair of Queens.
  • A pair of Jacks.

Here are some great starting hands but second to all the above:

  • An Ace/Queen, Ace/Jack and a Ace/10 of the same suit.
  • An Ace/King of different suits.
  • A pair of tens.
  • An Ace/10, King/Jack, Queen/Jack and a Jack/10 of the same suit.
  • An Ace/Queen, Ace/Jack of a different suit.
  • A pair of nines.
  • A King/Queen of a different suit.
  • A King/10, Queen/10 of the same suit.

Here are some mid-range starting hands that would be “bottom of the pile”:

  • A pair of eights.
  • A Jack/9, 10/9 of the same suit.
  • A pair of sevens.
  • A 9/8, 8/7 of the same suit.
  • An Ace and a card of the same suit.
  • A King/Jack, Queen/Jack, Jack/10 of a different suit.

Now, print that out and stick it to a surface near where you play poker and memorize those Texas hold em hands! – You might want to put it out of sight if you are playing face-to-face though as you might look a little bit of a fool.

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