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What is Aromatherapy and Its History

Aromatherapy for psychological and physical well-being.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy: aro·ma·ther·a·py – noun. The use of volatile plant oils, including essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, hydrosols, for psychological and physical well-being. These materials are filtered for use with aromatherapy. Along with these distilled materials many natural ingredients such as pressed vegetable oils, liquid wax, herbs, milk powder, sea salt, sugar which acts as a good exfoliant, clay, and mud are also used. From the name one cannot just conclude that aromatherapy include perfumed oils or other fragrant materials. Such materials are made of chemicals and are unnatural. Hence, such ingredients are never used.

History of Aromatherapy

The origin of aromatherapy cannot be traced out exactly. Because many have used this aromatherapy for their well-being without knowing that, they were using aromatherapy indeed. Chinese were found 香薰油 to use aroma to create peace and balance in their physic. Later Persians and Indians also were found using such methods.

Even today adding flavor and aroma filled natural ingredients to food is believed to be the best medicine to regulate one’s health. The ingredients may involve cedar wood oil, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and many more.

Egyptians considered some of the aromatherapy methods to be holy. They considered aromatherapy as worship to human mind and body. Romans too later joined to know the importance of aromatherapy. Thus aromatherapy had its influence sooner in the whole of the world kingdoms.

The Benefit of Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is all about inhaling aroma products that cause good regularized energy to flow in our body. The aroma of the ingredients inhaled not only regularizes health of the body but also that of your mind. This therapy is not something new. It all happens in our daily life. Doesn’t just the aroma of the coffee energize us even before having it? Don’t we get a high appetite just by the aroma of dishes being prepared even if you are not hungry? Aren’t we relived of congestion on smelling crushed or pressed eucalyptus leaves? Aromatherapy has proved itself in our every day life that it can trigger human mind both physically and psychologically.


Physical application is through essential oil application on skin. This gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Aromatherapy not only triggers mind and health but also enhances beauty. As already, mentioned aromatherapy might be dangerous if used without proper advice. Essential oils aroma would be highly intense and hence it is essential to have dilution through carriers. Carriers may be any ingredient like vegetable oil and many others as mentioned already. Vegetable oils may be almond oil or grape seed oil. Each of these carriers has separate properties. According to the users need they may choose the carrier for them.

Aromatherapy is the most developing therapy at present. Many choose it as a way just like they’ve chosen yoga. One must be careful regarding the usage of aroma products. Choosing the correct products would give you a life long benefit from aromatherapy.

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