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Four Great Leather Products Ideal For Fashion Purposes

America, in particular, is very well home to some of the world’s finest leather goods brands. But it is within the small batches manufacturers that the diversity is often found. From coast to coast, this wide-ranging cross-section represents all of the finest small-batch leather goods manufacturers in the entire world. But for whatever reason you’re looking for leather goods, whether it’s a new leather jacket or some well-crafted leather boots, there’s sure to be a great leather goods manufacturer from which to choose. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the nation’s most prominent leather goods manufacturers:

5th Street Public Market

American Leather Institute. Established in 1924, the AKE Leather Institute is one of the oldest leather goods schools in America. They offer both classroom instruction and on-the-job training for leather goods engineers and makers. Students learn about the history of leather goods, the various types and styles of leather goods, the manufacturing process as well as how leather is valued throughout the industry. Graduates of the school will be prepared for jobs in both private industry and the public sector. The Leather Institute also has an internship program that is highly regarded throughout the country giay suc.

American Tanning Club. Just as American Leather Institute boasts graduate studs with a wealth of industry experience, the AC&S invites its aspiring members to come and learn firsthand how leather products are made. There is always something new and exciting to learn at the American Tanning Club. Their spring forum included a broad range of hot topics, including the hottest new leather products and trendy trends. The American Tanning Club offers several discount membership packages so that even the smallest leather goods business can afford to participate.

American Pride Waistband Company. American Pride waistbands pride themselves on being “ethically responsible,” using recycled rawhide as well as biodegradable vegetable-tanned leather. Each belt is individually crafted and hand-crafted, so it’s impossible to tell from just a picture. They make high quality belts that stand up to years of abuse and wear and tear, just as they have done for decades. For over 30 years, American Pride has been providing consumers with quality leather goods, including their vegetable-tanned belt, to accentuate and complete any wardrobe.

The Artisan Tanneries of San Diego. Considered the “Chicagos of the High End” by many, The Artisan Tanneries of San Diego specializes in high end, luxury leather goods. The tanneries offer everything from hand crafted leather to beautiful beaded belts, buckles, and more. They take their environmental commitments seriously, working diligently to recycle all natural animal hides used in tanning and using only environmentally sustainable tanning processes. The tanneries also use only biodegradable materials to create their leather goods, which further helps the planet. Moreover, The Artisan Tanneries of San Diego is proud sponsors of the Keep America Tanning Fund, an initiative of the California Breast Cancer Foundation that raises money and awareness for cancer prevention and research.

The Original Wallet Works. If you’re looking for leather goods with a twist, look no further than the Original Wallet Works. The wallet company sells leather goods made from genuine leather, but with a difference. Rather than using glue to join the edges together, the wallets are sewn all together, using heavy gauge 14 mm brass, giving each wallet a strong, solid feel and look.

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