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Aquariums Around the World

Aquariums are a type of marine aquarium that are usually constructed either on a concrete or wood base. An aquarium is an aquarium of any size with at least one clear side where live aquatic organisms or other marine creatures are contained. Most aquariums house a variety of exotic marine species, as well as some land-based species. Aquarium enthusiasts use aquariums to display marine ornate fish, amphibians, reptiles, and freshwater aquatic plants, including saltwater plants. Aquariums also provide a habitat for various breeds of fish, including breeding pairs of fish intended to spawn and produce offspring that may be used in future aquarium breeding. Aquariums also provide a venue for various types of water sports, including swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and even boating.

Steinhart Aquarium | California Academy of Sciences

One of the first public aquariums was built in the 1880s in Chicago, Illinois. A man by the name of Richard C. Laramy was the first person to use aquariums for marine biology research, raising and then keeping some thirty different species of fish. He would sell them to the general public and began what is now known as the hobby of keeping aquariums.

There are aquariums of all shapes and sizes today, ranging from those made out of stone and glass to plastic and fiberglass funny coffee mugs. The most common medium for the storing and displaying of marine life is water tanks, which can range from very small “hydrostatic” ones to massive aquariums that are over twenty-five gallons. The first public aquariums typically had only ten to twelve gallons of water. As people began to look for a more permanent home for their aquatic friends, the numbers of aquariums increased, making it possible for the first public aquarium to be opened in Chicago.

The first public aquariums in the United States were built of wood and supported by wooden planks that were placed on concrete pilings. The first of these public aquariums still exist and are located at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. Another such example of a large scale aquarium in the US can be found at the Dallas Seaquarium. It was built in 1973 and is over two hundred feet long and weighs nearly eighty thousand pounds. It also features nine hundred and fifty gallons of water and features a reef with three thousand fish.

These early public aquariums were supported by wooden blocks that were placed atop the tanks. It was not until later that steel was used in the construction of modern-day aquariums. In recent years, the number of tanks and features available has increased dramatically. Modern-day public aquariums are commonly seen all over the world, even in locations where it would once have been unthinkable to locate such a facility.

Aquariums can be of many different sizes and can include a number of different fish species. One of the most popular types of aquariums are water tanks. Water tanks are usually smaller than aquariums and are more suited for smaller families or individuals. Some water tanks even hold only a few inches of water, making them suitable for families with less water to spare. Modern technology and the availability of aquarium supplies have made it possible to enjoy a wide variety of fish and marine life when a public aquarium is located in your area.

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