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Meditation Power – Learn How to Energize and Cleanse Your Chakras

Meditation power also deals with meditations that deal with chakra cleansing. The guided meditation that has been discussed here would help you cleanse and then energize all your chakras. Read the instructions provided here carefully and follow them to master it over time.

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The Beginning

Begin with this meditation power technique by focusing on your breathing. Feel it moving through the body and gathering all the negative energy within you. When you exhale, imagine your negativity being dragged out of your body through the feet and into the earth. Go through the same process with every single breath. Breathe in that net and imagine it dragging across your body and gathering all the negativity and gunk and removing it through your feet. Your body would feel lighter and clearer as you go through this process. Imagine that there is a panel of light right above your head and as it moves down and through your body, imagine it lighting up your skin, muscles, bones, organs and cells. Fell it healing and nourishing your body and leaving it alive, vibrant, clear and clean 파워볼추천사이트.

Progressing in the Meditation

With this meditation power technique, you should progress and imagine that you are watching a spiralling column of bright light as it emerges at the body’s centre. Imagine that there are light bubbles that trickle up from this column and spiral upwards with energy and light. Feel it raising your body’s energy and livening you up. As you go through this experience, you would be able to notice where the base chakra is located in your body, it would be a red ball that emerges and once you see it clear, it would be spinning and sparkling, completely filled with those light bubbles.

See Your Chakras, One by One

Once you go through the steps given above for the meditation power, you would then notice that there is an orange ball right above the red ball which is spinning and sparkling, clear and bright. Feel it going clearer and lighter as it moves upwards. Above that there would be a yellow ball bright and beautiful, clear and sparkling. Above this would be the pink and green balls in sparkling condition and they would energise your heart and open it up. Above that would be a light blue, bright ball which would look beautiful and magical and above it would be a deep purple blue ball which would flash bubbles and colors as it plays.

Finally, there would be a purple ball which would be flaming and brilliantly beautiful and as you keep watching it, your energy field would be reaching out beyond the physical body. It would begin moving and shifting with the waves that would be rippling from the center and towards the outer edges. You would find yourself getting clearer and lighter and would be completely cleansed and energetic. Return to yourself and your body after this meditation power technique.

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