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Reduce Wrinkles – Using the Safest, Natural Yet Effective Treatment and Look 10 Years Younger

After the age of Fifty Five and sometimes even sooner, dreaded fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear in older, mature skin. While combating wrinkles forever is a futile feat, it is absolutely possible to maintain a youthful appearance and even reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Adopting preventative habits is essential to maintaining a youthful appearance. Adopting healthy skin habits such as avoiding smoking, limiting sun exposure, using a protective sunscreen and reducing squinting can all prevent future wrinkles from forming. To keep signs of aging at bay, take proper care of delicate facial skin. Use a complete skin care regimen using anti-aging products and topical COQ10 if necessary. Get plenty of sleep and be sure to consume antioxidant rich food. Taking nutritional supplements  Derma Prime Plus that include age-fighting Omega 3 acids, vitamins A, C and E can also be effective in banishing wrinkles.

If the concern is reducing existing wrinkles and fine lines, proven effective anti wrinkle treatments can leave skin noticeably smoother, tighter and tauter.

1. Botox

Often misunderstand as a filler, Botox works instead by relaxing tiny muscles in the face which are responsible for forming wrinkles. Facial muscle contractions are responsible for causing fine lines like laugh lines and crow’s feet, especially prematurely. By relaxing the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles and stimulating collagen at the same time, Botox encourages smoother and tighter skin. As in the case of derma fillers, injections must be frequently topped up to maintain results.

2. Derma Filling

Derma fillers containing collagen or hyaluronic acid, natural substances found in the body, are esthetic injections into the contours and creases of the skin. They are designed to fill out lines on facial skin, thus reducing their appearance. The effects can last anywhere between 12 to 24 months, meaning they must be topped up regularly. With no downtime required, derma fillers are particularly effective at treating laugh lines, crow’s feet and other fine lines in the eye area.

3. Laser Therapy

The newest lasers can now promote skin tightening and reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, especially premature aging signs caused by excessive sun exposure. Laser skin tightening involves removing wrinkles by passing an infrared light over the skin in order to stimulate the collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, causing the skin to contract and visibly firm. It is an expensive treatment which will require repeating the procedure over a period of time.

4. Anti Wrinkle Skin Care

To effectively reduce wrinkles can also be achieved by using natural products consisting of natural, plant-based oils, emollients and antioxidants. To keep healthy skin needs proper nutrition and by feeding it with all these it will help to repair itself and slowly remove the wrinkles. Some known substances that have been used to get rid of wrinkles are Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame, Nano Lipobelle and Grapeseed, Jojoba and Avocado oils along with Shea Butter and Babassu.

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