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Some Bad Aspects of Smart Phones, Especially for Kids

Followed by internet, smart phones have strengthened the notion that world is a global village. Despite having many benefits of smart phones, these have certain bad characteristics; owing to which these must not be easily accessible to the kids.

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Lack of Physical Activity: Though the computer has already snatched substantial time of physical activity from the kids, smart phones have added fuel to fire. Smart phones are easy to use and certainly a pleasure to work with. Kids have been so deeply delved into these devices and they have curtailed their bodily movements to a greater extent. Yes, they would like to play soccer, basketball, cricket, etc on their gadgets which is definitely not very healthy redmi note 8.

Lack of Interest in Outdoor Sports: Cycling used to be one of the most popular leisure interests among the kids, but unfortunately not anymore. They would love to do every kind of violent cycling through Google Play Games. This attitude has made them unhealthy and has also led to disturbed appetite and sleep.

Lost Creativity: Kids truly have a creative mind which can be molded easily. Their fresh brains are very sharp, but now they use less of their intellect and ingenious sense to deal with a situation or problem. The technological gadgets have made everything available with just a click away. Under this scenario, they don’t like to trouble themselves with thinking and are not fond of developing imagination of their own. Three or four year old kids at the moment are top scorers of “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfer”. On the contrary, they cannot tell the time from watch.

Impatience: As mentioned earlier that everything is just a click away. This has made the kids impatient, because they sometimes cannot even wait for the natural time period required to complete a job. The result is their irritation and bad mood.

Abolition of Book Reading: In earlier times computers and now smart phones, both have made the kids stay away from book reading. Now their most favorite reading material is ‘Google Search Engine’. Most of the time in Google, they search for new games, cheat codes and updates of existing apps. Book reading activity develops their creative abilities, but only if they do so. In fact, now Face book is the most common and favorite book that they like to read.

Practically No Check: It was easy for parents to make a random check on their kids while they were using PCs or Laptops. They can also make use of parental control software. Such software can also be used for Android, OS and Apple based technology smart phones. Nevertheless, smart phones are transportable gadgets in comparison to personal computers. For that reason, kids can unblock such software.

Wastage of Time, Especially on Social Media: ‘You better go to your bed kiddo, as it is 10 p.m. Your school bus will arrive at 7 a.m.’; later on when you check the room of your kid, the lights are switched off and so is the PC. Your kid is smart enough and has logged on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc on his smart phone. Actually, you are not catching him, because you are doing the same in your bed.

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