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University Vs Community College

Is a university degree worth more than the paper it is written on? Many believe so, while others think you can get just as far if you have been to a community college. Let’s weigh up some of the facts and see what the difference really is.

While having a university degree doesn’t guarantee employment, it certainly improves your chances. As those with a degree tend to go for careers in the higher earnings bracket, a good standard of living will be your reward for all those years of studying lam bang dai hoc chinh quy.

Living on campus and experiencing that whole student lifestyle is a major plus form going to college. As you still live at home when attending a community college, you are effectively missing out on one of the biggest adventures in your life.

This plays a big part in deciding to go to a university instead of a community college. The chance to live with others of the same age and be independent is inspiring. This is the making of a lot of kids, and the time when they become adults.

Another plus from going to university is the diversity of your fellow students. There could be people on your lecture from many different nations, all bringing their culture into the mix.

The only community colleges that have anywhere near this kind of diversity are the ones in the larger, multi ethnic cities. Like New York for example.

Community colleges tend to attract students from the local vicinity, so there isn’t the diverse cultural mix that exists at universities. If you want to experience different cultures first hand, then living on campus with the students from those backgrounds is by far the best way to do it.

The evenings are a huge part of life at a university. They take great pride in the entertainment that they have to offer their students, and heading for a theater or an art exhibition with your peers is a great experience. This just doesn’t exist at a community college, yes you can make new friends but it will just be like high school when you have to think up things to do.

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