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Sex Talk – Discover What You Should Be Saying!

We don’t have any courses we can take in high school or any electives in college that cover the art of sex talk.

Our ability to arouse and stimulate our partner through our words comes solely through practice and performance. Some people may be apprehensive about talking about sex in a way that’s not natural to them literotica, but we want to ensure anyone who may be questioning that there is nothing unnatural about talking sexy with a partner.

The question of what to say during sexy talk comes up often.

It may be a question we ask ourselves before we take the plunge or it may come to the ears of a friend. However we approach the subject we need to know our intended audience first. Does our partner encourage us to explore our sexual boundaries? Do we have freedom to talk about sex with them? If the relationship is healthy, then talking will be a normal stepping stone towards further commitment and increased passion.

Dirty talk may be used over the phone, via a web chat, or even through texting. By having sexual talk, couples can increase their understanding of what works for their partner and what doesn’t during sex.

They can become to realize the types of activities that their lover may want to do more often and which they would rather stay away from.

Long distance talk about sex specifically can be a great way to keep the lover’s head in the relationship. After all, with distance comes temptation, so why not make sure that temptation revolves around you?

So what should a person say to their lover about sex?

Compliments work well and always have. Flattery will likely never die.

Another approach may be to tell a story about the last time you made love with them (naturally, only if that’s taken place). In the story, you tell how you loved their touch, their feel, when they did this or that, and then move into the present time. Give them a memory marker and they will be envisioning the act in their current state of mind. They’ll be taken back to the steamy encounter a week ago.

If the relationship hasn’t hit the sex milestone yet, then it might be more beneficial to talk in pure fantasy tones. Speak about feelings, imaginings, and behaviors you would like to encounter during sex. Talk about how you would work them over; get their blood pumping, and wanting you more and more. Part of talking sexy revolves around suspense and engaging one’s libido. Do it with steamy talk about the possibilities and they’ll likely want sex with you more than ever.

Learning what to say during sex talk can be fun and educating. Don’t be too serious, relax and work on presentation as much as the things that you say. All in all, if it helps learn more about your partner, then it’s a good thing to incorporate into your life.

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