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Blogs, Blogging and Your Business

Widespread Internet usage has resulted in the creation of millions of blogs which are essentially personal and informal pieces of communication. These blogs are published instantaneously and updated frequently and often contain links to other sites of interest and other blogs, No matter what topic they address, they are:

– highly personal often conversational
– published and updated in real time.
– equipped with a unique distinctive tone and voice reflecting their author
– linked to other pages of interest and other blogs

Surveys in the USA in mid 2006 showed that 12 million Americans had created blogs which were read by 57 million Americans, figures that have almost certainly increased now. They are definitely here to stay and can prove to be a valuable tool in your business if used constructively insurance.

Your customers : Blogs provide a friendly and easily maintained method of communicating with your customers. Your customers are provided with information about your company in an interesting and entertaining fashion and can be instantly updated as and when the situation requires. You can brief them on your culture, your accomplishments, your products and services without boring them to death. Using a blog as the “voice” of your company to your customers is a smart move and an excellent way to supplement traditional and conventional sales and marketing efforts.

Your employees : Use a blog to communicate internally with your employees. And encourage them to post their news and opinions, thereby providing genuine two-way communication. This also has the benefit of keeping all of them constantly updated and entertained unlike traditional newsletters or in -house magazines.

Your website : A blog is an entertaining way to inform visitors to your website and a big improvement on traditional web pages or static brochures online. You can educate people on your culture or your products and services or indeed, anything you wish.

Your potential recruits : Incidentally, people you are looking to recruit will definitely research your company and will be favorably impressed by a good company blog. They will also be better prepared for a meaningful job interview. Incidentally, their own personal blogs, if they exist, could provide you with useful insights about these people that may determine whether they are ultimately hired or not.

Your source of business intelligence : As blogging has become so widespread, it is likely that the employees of your rivals and competitors are publishing their own personal blogs. Follow blogs posted by these employees, their companies and other sources in your industry. These may well provide a source of competitive information as well as a database of potential recruits for your company .In the same vein, your own employees are likely to be blogging, and you would wish to issue suitable guidelines to safeguard sensitive company information. You will need to strike a sensible balance between your company interests, and the rights of your employees to express their views freely.You want to encourage them to disseminate good feelings about your company and yet not give away trade secrets.

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