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Send and Receive Text Messages Online

There’s now a new and easy way to send and receive text messages online. All you have to do is download a software or a text messaging client which lets you send and receive messages on your computer, laptop, iPod or iPhone; and you can instantly send and receive messages anywhere in the world even without a phone! The caveat though is that you need to have an internet connection.

This type of messaging system works just like instant messaging. But instead of PC to PC conversation, the software or the messaging client allows you to have a PC to mobile phone conversation with anyone you want to talk to. While you can send as many messages as you want, just like in instant messaging, there is a limit to the number of words or characters you can send. Most of these text messaging clients also double as instant messaging software, allowing you to exchange instant messages with buddies who are also online.

Advantages to using online text messaging

You can send and receive phone messages online for free. Most clients are free, but there are some that charge a flat rate or a subscription fee. You can search the internet and look for a free service or use one that has a subscription but better services and more options.

You can forward messages sent to you while you’re offline straight to your mobile phone.

You can sign-up using your mobile number or email address. No more need for pesky usernames to remember.

You can reply to messages you’ve received on your phone when your mobile phone runs out of credit by replying online.

You can send email messages on your mobile phone or send SMS messages from your email account.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can use online text messaging so you can send SMS messages to others.

Allows you to send international texts for 문자사이트 free (or at cheaper rates)


If you lose internet connection or have no PC to access your account, you cannot send and receive text messages online.

Some services charges the recipients obscene amounts.

Privacy and security may be an issue.

Other things which you may want to know

Online text messaging should in no way be used as a substitute for emergency calls or in emergency situations. In case of emergency, call directly using your landline or mobile phone.

While reliable, there will be instances when your messages will fail to be delivered. This may be due to problems with the mobile phone carriers, or connectivity issues with your PC. Contact the service provider directly through their contact us page to report the issue.

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