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Magician Tricks – Magic Throughout the Ages Part 2 of 2

The history of recorded magic begins with the pharaohs in 4500 BC and is only becoming more entertaining as time moves on. Magician Tricks – Magic Throughout the Ages Part 1 covered the progression of magic from 4500 BC to the time of the father of modern magic Jean Robert Houdin in the middle 1800s. This second article will cover the time from the 1850s till today 유흥알바.

We closed the first article with the 1874 birth of the greatest magician entertainer in the world Ehrich Weiss. What! you say, who in the world is Ehrich Weiss? He is none other than Harry Houdini! When Ehrich was 12 years old he ran away from home because he wanted to be a great magician like Robert Houdin, so he changed his name to Houdini and began performing in small traveling shows. Fame eluded him for a while. The famous London venue known as the Egyptian Hall run by 2 great magicians Maskelyne and Cooke who actively encouraged new talent turned down a young Harry Houdini.

His luck finally turned around when he released himself from handcuffs at Scotland Yard. This led to his first London performance at the Alhambra Theatre in 1900. From then on, Harry Houdini and his feats of escape became legendary. He was always able to free himself from handcuffs and jail cells and even escaped from the belly of a whale (although the whale was dead and he nearly suffocated). A little known fact about Houdini, aviation fascinated him. In 1910, at Digger’s Rest near Melbourne, he became the first man to fly in Australia. The showman Houdini performed outdoors, under water, in movies, he could walk through a brick wall or make an elephant disappear. Clearly magicians tricks are becoming ever more fascinating and ever more intricate and complex.

The early years of the 1900s was a time of huge theatrical magic productions. Magicians travelled across the world, taking with them hundreds of crates full of stage sets and equipment, dozens of animals, from tiny birds to huge elephants. A new age of magic had begun. These lavishly staged shows were costly to maintain and with the outbreak of World War II these extravagant shows disappeared.

After the war, magic went from the big stage to the small screen. With television now readily available to most families, magic took to the tube. TV cameras zoomed ever closer, tricks got smaller and tricks grew ever more clever. The superman of magic from the 1930s to the 1950s was Harry Blackstone Sr. He performed big illusions but one small trick always stole the show. He asked for a handkerchief from the audience and they watched as it came alive. It wriggled out of his hands and flew all over the place, in and out of boxes and across the stage until it was finally caught and returned to the owner.

The full-size lavish magic spectacular is back, thanks to modern technology. David Copperfield born in 1956 is the most famous magician in the world. His illusions are BIG – such as making a seven-ton jet disappear! My grandson and I went to see David Copperfield live this year and his magic on stage is even more impressive then on TV.

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