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Secured Online Trading

Online share trading seems to be going through a golden phase of ascendance in recent years, as the number of investors trading using this medium is growing considerably. One of the main reasons which can be attributed to this ascendance is the investment to trade online is minimal as compared to physical trades. Never before has the investor had the leisure to carry out trades from the comfort of his own home as now he only needs a secured internet connection to indulge in share trading. 주식재테크

However one of the challenges that face every leading provider of online trading is to provide a medium for investors to conduct trade in a secured trading medium.

I want to assert that to indulge in Internet trading one should just not be financially literate he should also be well versed with how to go about doing share trading in secured and fool proof manner. I am asserting the latter as though the advantages of Internet trading are numerous; there have been numerous instances of proxy trades which have only resulted in huge losses for the investor concerned.

So the first step that should be taken by an investor is to identify a good service provider that would provide holistic solution to satisfy all his needs concerning online trade. Generally this includes provisioning of a Demat account, a trading account and a smooth process that enables transfer of funds to and from his trading account to registered bank account.

The investor should also keep in mind to choose the service provider that provides the brokerage fees that he is most comfortable with against the services provided as lower the brokerage fees the higher would be the investors profit margin.

The need for secured online trading is recognized by the regulator as well as exchange members though whom the investors carry out share trading. Thus there have been guidelines and frequent notifications sent out by both for the benefit of investor community.

Some of the steps include creation of functions of secure login and passwords and enabling firewalls which are regularly upgraded to make sure they are virus free. There is an onus of responsibility on users as well as they should not share confidential login related information to anyone, as this is recognized as one of main reasons of proxy trades being carried out.

In conclusion online trading is boon for investors as it has heralded a completely new genre of investors who are experts at trading online. However just by keeping a few precautions major hurdles and losses can minimized for the benefit of all concerned.

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