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The Power of Your Life Message: Decisions That Define Us by David Crone

“The Power of Your Life Message: Decisions That Define Us” is David Crone’s personal story. He describes personal experiences that have changed and impacted his life. David describes how God defined his purpose and destiny and the decisions that brought him to this place.

Every word, sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter of his story, whether written or implied speaks of his overwhelming love of the Savior. His passion is evident in his writing. His message is strong and convincing. The reader is challenged to define their life message and to make decisions that will aid in fulfilling God’s eternal purpose for their life 홈타이.

The book is formatted for quick assimilation and is reader friendly. Crone’s writing crisp with a freshness that opens new insights on established truth. I was moved by the lessons Crone learned through pain, grief, disappointed and tragedy and of how these led to the concept of a family creed and of the importance of a personal legacy, a unique personal purpose, and the defining moment in his life that determined his life message. God has left his imprint on David.

I was personally drawn into the presence of God as I read of David’s example and of his commitment to know God more intimately. I determined to accommodate myself to this same transforming power. I want to discover, develop, and pursue the fullness of life David defines as “Value” and “Impact.” These two themes are interwoven into the twenty chapters of the book.

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