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Blogging – What’s it All About and Why is it Good For Search Engine Rankings?

“Weblogs” shortened to “Blogs” are web based publications consisting primarily of periodic articles and web links submitted by someone. Blogging is a way of collecting links to web pages and sharing thoughts and ideas with people online. They are personal web pages, sometimes produced every few minutes and sometimes just once in a while. It all depends on the author and what she or he wants to express.

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject. Others function as more personal online diaries fastnewsisland.com. They are the product of their owners’ imaginations, interests and wit, and it’s probably this personal touch which has made them so popular, especially for political issues. It has become very popular and is now a huge Internet phenomenon- with millions of bloggers worldwide.

Blogs became increasingly mainstream as political consultants, news services and candidates began using them as tools for outreach and opinion forming. Even politicians not actively campaigning began to Blog to form bonds with constituents. Some Blogs have covered major news such as the December 2004 Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

The true power of blogging comes from its interactivity with visitors and other blogs. As an author, you can allow your web visitors to comment on your entries, which then are published along side or in a separate window of your entry. Your visitors who either comment on your blog or make a comment about your blog on their blog, have a name, email address, website – an identity.

There are so many types of Blogs, (the names can go on forever and are quite funny), so there’s a lot of ways to personalize your own. There’s Media Blogs called Vlogs, which are composed of videos. There’s Blogs that just display links called Linklogs. A Photoblog is comprised of photos. Basically a Blog can consist of anything- whether it is videos, recipes, restaurant reviews, links, photos, music, art, etc.

Why Is Blogging Good For Search Engine Optimization?

If you produce a website, your website will score higher in Google rankings (search engine results) if your site is a blog. Google rewards sites for rapidly changing content and links outbound and inbound from other sites, which is the nature of blogs. As you find other blogs that you like to read, you link to them on your blog site. And as others find your blog interesting, they link to you as well. All of this helps build a community of those who share a common interest in each other’s content.

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