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Payless Rental Cars

Payless Rental Cars is a car rental company with over 80 branches in different countries. Founded in 1971 by Les Netterstron, Payless grew to a large franchise system with more than 100 car rental outlets across US. Payless is known for their low yet quality car rental offers. You can rent a mid size sedan for as low as 30$ per day. When you rent a car from Payless, it generally covers insurance, necessary maintenance expenses and a considerable amount of fuel for your initial commuting. When you plan to choose your car from Payless Rental Cars, look for their exclusive offers and discount coupons with several types of offers. They offer both short term and long term plans and any car rental requirement from 3 hours to a year is covered with these plans https://vietnamtrustcarrentals.com/danang-car-rental-with-driver-vietnam-trust-car-rental.html.

Always make sure that you check Payless Rental Car’s last minute deals to finalize on the best bargain in your place. You can rent SUVs, sedans, convertibles or any other model with a challenging rate if you watch out for these last minute deals. Payless has affiliate programs with different hotels and clubs and you may avail discount coupons while visiting these places. These coupons can offer you a price cut of 10$ to 30% discount on the rental price varying from offer to offer.

Another attractive part with Payless Rental Cars is that they offer vehicles run not only on gasoline but on alternative fuels or biodiesel which will help in bringing down the running cost per car as well as help you to contribute your part to global warming control programs. You can directly book your car on the official Payless Rental Car website so that you will get the best offer as well as get rid of any kind of booking scam.

Payless offer dedicated road assistance for their customers which include a mechanic service of 24/7 including holidays! If you purchase their Collision Damage Waiver, every expense in case of an accident will be covered. If you don’t purchase one, you may cover all the expenses caused by an accident. Most of the Payless cars are monitored by a GPS tracking system so you don’t have to worry about getting lost somewhere. If you need some additional equipment on your car which is not a part of standard fitment, Payless will provide you with them if you let them know 72 hours prior to delivery.

For renting a car from Payless Rental Car, you should meet the minimum legal driving age requirement of the state where you hire your car. You should possess a valid driving license and credit card as documents. Customer privacy policy from Payless assure you that your personal information including credit card details, email ID and driving license details will not be shared with a third party. Payless have blackout dates every year and you will not be eligible for any promotional offers or coupons these days. So clarify with Payless if you are planning to rent a car with some promotional offer and not sure if it is a blackout day.

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