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Hashtags Can Streamline Nonprofit News

Hashtags are a terrific way to streamline news updates to donors, volunteers, journalists and others who support the mission and outreaches of your organization. If you are on Twitter, you should use hashtags whenever possible to organize content. (If you aren’t on Twitter, get there!) Not sure where to begin with hashtags? Check out the tutorial below.

Hashtags are a way to organize the massive amount of Twitter updates posted by users every day http://oursminiworld.com/. Think of it like a file folder that needs a label before you put it in the cabinet. Hashtags always begin with the “#” (pound) symbol, followed by a word or acronym. Twitter users can search these hashtags for information on specific topics that matter to them. For example, after the earthquake in Haiti, many Tweeters shared news, information and donation needs using the #Haiti hashtag.

How hashtags can benefit your organization Hashtags make it easier for donors, volunteers, journalists and others to find out specific information about your organization.

Organization updates. With a generic hashtag representing your organization, you can filter all news from all departments into one Twitter stream. Donors and volunteers of the umbrella organization can see what is happening in all areas of outreach. For example, if your group is called Donate Food Today, you could use #DFT as your hashtag.

Program-specific information. If your organization offers many outreaches, it might be wise to give each one its own hashtag. This way, people can follow the issues that matter to them, rather than the full organizational stream. If your organization follows water and legislative issues, you could use #H2O for Twitter updates related to water, and #laws for the latter.

Events. Hashtags make event tracking easy. Many times, Twitter users will use one hashtag at an event they attend. They share information from different seminars and also meet up with others in their Twitter network at the events. For example, if you have an event called Feeding the Hungry, you could use #FTH as the hashtag. Hashtags are also important for online events and discussions.

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