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A Philosophy of Travelling Life

There is a thought that time does not actually move, but rather it just remains as a state or as an idea. For God of course a millennium is just a fleeting moment. But, here on our beautiful planet life proceeds under its own steam, at a pace that is relevant to the time. People are born, growing, go kindergarten, school, university, work and then retire. After such a long journey to us mere mortals, people have got plenty of time to rest and relax. The youth of today have love and time and run, if it stops tomorrow; the older you are the more memories and moments you begin to understand. And every person in his/ her 30s, 40s, 50s etc can say the life really only begins to make any sense, once you have the knowledge of time.

The young see and rush at life with such vigour thinking it is only going to last the one day, but this is truly only a prelude for a real life. I have noted that many retired people still retain plenty of energy chris hsu kilometre capital and power. They are ready to go be active and go on holidays and still want to experience new emotions and feelings. The time and new freedom gives them the wings to fly! With such a wide range of psychic types and individuals, there is among us a diversity of reasons, motivations and goals that these travelers are intent on seeing.

Academic thinking people like intellectual traveling. They are often interested in feeding their brain with fresh information that stimulates their thoughts. The most important aspect of their travel is to learn and open your mind and discover new things. I suggest that people with good sense would like to visit historical places, new locations, places of interest, tourist attractions, museums, parks, zoos, aquariums… They adore to meet new people, study new cultures, find out new facts about history, locations, countries etc. They are by definition curios and the more places they visit, the more satisfied they feel and a need to look for more. I also propose that a second type of seeker is found to be fonder of the physical pastimes.

They still enjoy the adventures of travel, but they go further by delving into the likes of camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, rafting, canoeing and in general water sports or any other physical activities. I feel it provides such people with a portion of adrenalin, as they like the risk and most definitely the feel the end justifies the means! Creative people get inspiration from art. Art is a style of life that stimulates

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