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A magical attraction is a reflection of the appearance of a person. However, being good is quite different from looking good. A person could be good without even looking it; and at the same time, a person could be bad but look the most good. Albeit, looking good compliments being good. Attributes of Looking Good 1. Looking Smart 2. Smelling Good 1. Looking Smart: Smartness is the kind of appearance that makes you look acceptable in a conversation and in a gathering. Smartness hugely connects to your dressing mode. Being smart is further divided into two categories, which are: Corporate Smart and Casual Smart. a. Corporate Smart: Otherwise termed official smartness is the kind of dressing that befits a erektionsmittel kamagra 100 mg und cialis online rezeptfrei kaufen in deutschland

corporate worker, which include but not limited to suits, packet shirts (long sleeve) and cover shoes. A person could put on suit, yet not looking smart; because the suit is either bigger than the person or smaller than the person but the person chose to wear it anyway. At the same time, there are times when a particular pair of trousers used would not complement a blazer used by a person thereby making the person appear odd. In order to correct this, try to wear a suit that is befitting in terms of size, an acceptable suit in a corporate gathering must be cute and smart on the person wearing it and not the other way round, making it look erektionsmittel kamagra 100 mg online rezeptfrei bestellen in deutschland

like the dress was meant to shield the wearer from cold. And on the other hand, there should be a good sense of colour combination and balancing by the person who wants to wear a blazer to a corporate function. In order to appear acceptable in such places, a pair of black trousers works greatly with other colours except in few occasions. Also, tucking in of slightly large shirts covers the secret of such dressing most especially for official purposes. Try and see. b. Casual Smart: Otherwise termed as un-official dress is a free form of dressing that is acceptable almost everywhere as long as it is not for the sake of performing any official function. As long as you are not looking for corporate favour, you do not necessarily need to kill yourself suiting up. You can simply look smart on casuals, most especially on fitted clothing (that is for slim people). However, fat people also have their kinds of cloth that will give a smart look. The most important

aspect of casual dressing lies in the colour combination because this is the only thing that gives you that attractive look and smartness you so desire and at the same time, you should always remember that birds of a feather flocks together when making choice of clothing for casual wears. Your trousers must definitely compliment your tops, otherwise, you will be going off line. 2. Smelling Good: This, aside looking good is a critical function in the looking good therapy. Your smell goes a very long way in determining if you will be accepted in a gathering and how long you will remain in such gathering. Could you just imagine how it will be like to have a foul smell in an interview? I want to authoritatively bring to your conscious that no matter how good you look; your foul smell will surely get you off the hook. I strongly doubt if you will be able to finish the interview before being walked out – due to foul odour. Naturally, everybody do have body odour at a particular point in time and this gives unpleasant smell thereby making the person look as someone who lacks good body hygiene. There are various causes of

body odour at each specific time, for example, a person who is under medication (especially anti-biotics) will definitely have the smell of medicine on the body and some liquids that are being passed out during that period; but the generally attributed cause for body odour is sweating; and the odour is not actually caused by the sweat but by some bacteria that breaks down the sweat particles into acids which in turn emits the unpleasant smells. Where is affected? The most important part of the body associated with body odour is the armpit, but the armpit is not the only part of the body that emits body odour. Study also shows that the feet also gives body odour, even the hair on the head if covered under some degree of heat for long also contributes, also the genitals (private part) do give foul smell as well. So, be on the look out for these parts of the body when fighting body odour in order to smell good. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8772806

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