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How Smoking Causes Wrinkles

We are all aware of how bad cigarette smoking is for us. Numerous research has proven time and again the connection of cigarette smoking with lung cancer, heart diseases, emphysema, and a host of other body problems. It has to be noted though that aside from these fatal diseases, smoking has other effects that though may not cause us to die, it will definitely lower our quality of living and degrade our body and doom it to ruins.

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One such negative effect is our skin’s premature aging. By premature aging, we are talking about wrinkles, dryness, sagging skin, dark spots, dark circles under your eyes and puffiness best smoke spots dust 2. Yes that’s right. The sun is not the only enemy of our beloved skin.

Cigarette smoke is definitely a pollutant how to make stone in little alchemy. As with other pollutants, the skin is damaged with exposure to them as they cause production of free radicals on our body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack and damage the body’s healthy cells. And though we the effects are most visibly obvious on our skin, it should be know that damages actually extend far deeper.

Free radicals, or toxins really damage our skin, and our body. Research shows that the fewer toxins the body is exposed to, the firmer and more even the skin is.

Besides the free radicals, smoking also affects the level of collagen on our skin. Smoke reduces the level of the protein, which acts as a binder, or a glue that holds our skin firm, elastic and smooth. In time, collagen will be harder to produce and will slowly break down. Because we lose the binders of our skin, this would result to sagging skin and wrinkles. Smoking will make this process faster, prematurely aging our skin.

Lastly, at least for the purpose of this article, smoking reduces blood circulation in our body. With less circulation of the blood, there would less oxygen flowing to our skin cells. Oxygen in our blood is a main ingredient and factor in giving us a healthy looking skin.

The thing is, this effects attack not only those who smoke cigarette. These also damage the body of those who are just exposed to second-hand smoke. So, even if you do not smoke, but live with one who does, your body is also a probable victim to the degradation caused by cigarette smoke.

So you must stop now. You are damaging not only your body, but also the bodies of those around you. It is never too late. If you are now experiencing and showing signs of the ill effects of cigarettes, there are now anti-aging creams and anti-oxidants available on the market to help you get your look back. Of course, nothing will be better than actually quitting, and condemning smoking for the rest of your life.

Any good “Quit Smoking” program includes affirmations to help you convince yourself that you really DO want to quit smoking. Many times, we fear the loss of our addiction, because it’s a comforting, dependable old friend. We may not know what to do with our hands, or think that we’ll become difficult, and hard to get along with if we don’t have our old friend with us at all times.

Even though our old friend, the Smoking Habit, makes us search for an outdoor spot in the freezing cold and rain, and ostracizes us from those with small children, we are convinced deep within our subconscious minds that it benefits us more to smoke than it would to not smoke.

So how can we sneak past our logical, awake mind, and talk to our subconscious mind, so we can somehow convince it that it’s OK to let go of the habit? Subliminal Programming is one way to do that.

For a very low cost, you can get software that will run on your computer, flashing subliminal messages that you choose, while you work. You don’t see them with your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind gets them loud and clear. So if you are programming yourself subliminally with such affirmations as “I love to breathe” and “My desire for cigarettes is diminishing” for a few weeks, you’ll suddenly notice that a pack will last you a little longer than before. Then, when it’s time to quit altogether, you can change the affirmations in the program to something final, like “I am smoke-free” or “I totally release the need to smoke”

Notice, none of the above affirmations talk about “Quit” or “Stop” or “No” Smoking. That’s because your subconscious mind doesn’t hear negatives. If you say “I WILL Quit Smoking” it hears “I WILL Smoking” and keeps going along with that. So you frame all your affirmations in the positive, to change behaviors and thought patterns.

You can use the same software to lose weight, reframe your reality, anything you wish. Some people use subliminal programming to increase confidence, reduce fears and phobias, and even enhance their sex drive. It works, because your subconscious mind is what drives your conscious mind, and all the contents of it. So by using subliminal programming, you’re starting at the root and working outward, rather than trying to repeat, repeat, repeat the same affirmations over and over again consciously.

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