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Internet Marketing Blogs – The Key to Success

The internet is full of information, so much so that it’s often hard to sift through it all to find exactly what you need. When you’re building an online business you might find it hard to learn exactly what your next move should be but I’ve learned that the information is there for the taking, you just have to go out and get it!

I am in the business of internet marketing. I have a few clients and my own site and my purpose is to go out and make those sites found by visitors across the net Sherry Dyson. At first, you might not know where to start but all it takes is a little knowledge and application of that knowledge and you’ll be on your way to becoming a legitimate threat against the competition.

This is where internet marketing blogs come into play for me. There are many good ones out there that will give you great guidance for the latest trends and strategies. On top of that, I use these blogs to get ideas for topics for my own business, which is teaching people how to market online.

Problogger is a great place to go to get general all-around knowledge for marketing with a blog. Blogs are popular ways to market online because they provide a great outlet for publishing various articles about a variety of topics. You can make it as expansive or specific as you want but a blog provides a great resource for visitors and allows you the range of marketing that will truly become an asset.

Copyblogger is another internet marketing blog that I find very useful. They focus primarily on talking about writing copy. Copy is the art of writing a “sales pitch” which will allow you to make conversions on your visitors which translates into sales, which is our ultimate goal.

Search Engine Land is a great blog for catching up on the latest search engine news. This is of vital importance because ranking in search engines means getting traffic to your sites. This blog provides great information on what the search engines are up to and how you can take this into account for your SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. Google may have many tricks up their sleeves but as a marketer you need to react and adapt.

The blogging tips being dispensed here today are more about personal well being and skill enhancement than site management! As you no doubt have heard time and again developing a successful blog takes time and patience, but this can really raise your stress levels as well. The dangerous part is the tension buildup is very subtle and in most cases undetectable until it is too late! At this point what good is having a successful blog when you don’t have the good health to enjoy or maintain it? It is therefore important to learn how to manage the stress that can build up when you spend so much time sitting in front of your computer blogging!

In a nutshell here are 3 benefits you will enjoy by simply ‘disconnecting’ from your computer to lower the stress levels that build up when blogging!

Lets start first with the definition of a blog, now like any other word or phase there can be many meanings. For this example we are going to look at a blog as a website or part of a website. Your blog may be used for sharing your personnel experiences and activities. Others may use their blog to sell their products or services. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips on getting your blog noticed.Using your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube or any site were you communicate with others is a great place to start. When telling others about your blog, try and share a little of its content but don’t give away all of it. Try and highlight some of the more exciting points. One example may be to mention the must see photos from your vacation in the Caribbean or share part of a story but leave out the ending, that way they will have to visit your blog to hear the rest. Now that you have told them a little bit about your site it is time to direct them to it and the sooner the better. Here you should create a link to your site that they can click on right away. I know this could involve a little html, but if your looking at getting your blog noticed, a link to it is the best way.

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