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Someone Stole My Blog Post!

As a budding writer, it is extremely frustrating to discover that your well thought out idea and post has been stolen or appropriated by some stranger out there. After the initial reaction, this is usually screaming/ wailing like a banshee or spending the afternoon crying (especially if their blog has a higher readership than yours), its time to become proactive. Many blog sites offer their clients ways to clear up the issue of theft. If you can furnish proof of the infringement in question, most sites will delete the blog.

But what happens when the person or blogger in question simply stole your idea?

What happens when their post is clearly based on your unique idea and the person has cleverly re-worked your post so that the content, although too suspiciously related, is not yours anymore and there are two very similar posts.
Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do about this. And that is the beauty and misfortune of posting an idea on the internet mywebmagazine.co.uk. By posting your Intellectual Property (IP), on the internet, anyone can take it and re-use it. You should count yourself lucky, especially as a blogger, if you happen to catch them. That way, you can monitor their blog and tailor your posts to be less general.

When this happened to me, I simply commented on the post and let the blogger know that I had seen the article they had written with my IP. It worked, they stopped phishing my site for ideas. This though was a case of chance.

As a blogger, you have a big choice to make, to either post about general things – entertainment, art, music reviews and news, so that if the content is appropriated by someone, its generic content and your readers come to your site because of the way you shape that generic information. Or you can tailor your content to your unique circumstance and writing style, which makes it very hard for anyone to steal your content and blatantly obvious if they do.

By tailoring your articles, I mean that you as a writer need to have such a distinct voice and content that it would be foolhardy for anyone to try and appropriate your writing. If you look at any of the top rated websites and articles, you can always tell who wrote that particular post because as with a print writer or journalist, they have their own unique writing style.

If you are building a business with Numis Network blogging can help you attract success. Numis provides you with the tools you need to learn how to start and manage your business. It should be fairly easy to get people to go to your website click the “join now” button.

However you are not the only one doing what you are doing. If you were it wouldn’t be a network and you wouldn’t be doing it but you need to make yourself stand out from other Numis Networkers. You want people to come to your replicated site rather than someone else’s. You have to give them a reason to come to yours.

You want people to connect with you not just glance your way as they surf past. You have to let them know you are the source of something good. If you can get people to respond to you with comments or questions you have their attention. If people know you are going to say something that will be interesting or useful to them they will come back.

A blog is one of the tools you can use to attract, hold and redirect attention. It’s not that hard. You just have to write about things that are of interest to the people who would be interested in Numis Network. Or get someone else to do the writing for you. Good writers are not hard to find and many of them work cheap.

It should be pretty easy to think of a subject that would interest people who might be interested in Numis Network. You could start with coins and money and branch out into online businesses. Then branch out and write things that are interesting to people who are like you but don’t yet know they want an internet business.

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