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Why Have a Business Email?

I have spent the last two years reading and buying everything in site that I thought just might be able to help me GoDaddy email login. I am not ashamed to admit that I went after, for a time, get rich quick schemes and have to say they all failed.   

I have owned online stores, casinos, joined MLMs, pyramids and anything else you can think of and yes I even did the one dollar in the envelope thing. Well if I can say one thing, it would be that perseverance is the key to internet life.

Never give up! I would like to now pass on some of the more valuable information I have learned. It will take time, but stick with me. I want to start at the beginning of things. This is not a “how to get rich” quick scheme. This is doggedly plugging from A to Z until you get it.

Like I said, I want to start with the basics and if this is too basic for you, then please just read on. I don’t mean to go to slow but I want to be able to reach those new people that really are without a clue of how and where to begin.

The first and most important thing you need to do is set up an email account. You might already have one that you use for personal reasons, but it is important that you have one email account that is dedicated to your business. This means a good professional sounding one, not something like hotbabe at hotmail.com or Bighunk at yahoo.com. There are many free email accounts that you can get. Just make sure to follow the instructions and choose an appropriate name.

The next thing you need to do after you have signed up for your email account is to add your signature file to the end of it. It is not just your signature that will be added to every email you send out, but you will also add your business or product when you get one. This will get your started with advertising in a simple way. Your signature file sticks with your emails, even if they are forwarded along to another. They too will then see your signature file, and soon I will spread throughout the world that way. 

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