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Truth as Power and Freedom Over Illusion

The truth is so vitality important to our evolution, for without being able to see it, we keep strengthening illusion and the world of the ego mind that breeds strife. All illusion that we create is unworkable and will have to be undone, and in this regard, is not supporting the increase in life but rather the need for more time. Not only does illusion generate conditions Spectrum Email that must be personally undone by its creator, but also it contributes to a collective condition that must be suffered through and undone by all. Needless to say, the world of illusion is not in harmony with the One Substance. Striving to see and create in truth is thus for the highest good of all.

Truth is the revelation of God’s presence in life. God is inseparable from Reality and His will is intrinsic to it. The truths we distill from reality will eventually enhance our understanding of both God and the universe and lead to workable and effective solutions in life.2 As Joel Goldsmith has stated, “We individualize infinite power in proportion to our consciousness of Truth.” 2 And so our consciousness of Truth determines our vibrational level. In working truth into our life, we merge with the Mind and Will of God and all that we create is worthy. Seeking truth in all our perceptions and understandings is equivalent to seeking the presence of God in all things, and thereby do we harmonize profoundly with the intelligent Substance. There is no surer way to enter into the creative mind, than to love and seek truth.

Truth is also the soul’s honesty. And honesty is the foundation of intelligence, and one of the levels of the Heart’s intelligence. “You are not going to go any further than honesty will carry you.” “Many doors are shut to the dishonest person. Even if he could enter, he could not walk through the maze of his own self-deceptions.”4 Without truth, honesty is compromised, and without honesty difficulties arise in life.

To be in truth, you must start by being the love that you are, and this is the first principle of success in Love Without End. When you are love, you have innocent perception and bless all with your thoughts, you are an agent of healing and resolution, and you rise above any problems you may face. Your outlook and performance change, because you are at peace. One cannot be in the creative mind, or think in a Certain Way for that matter, in any consistent way without also striving to be love and to know the truth. The creative mind is very much ‘heart thinking’, and having a feel for truth is one of its important components. Wattles mentions the importance of the truth quite often in his writings, though he does not elaborate on what it is that it may be seen clearly.

Truth, Reality, Derivative, Duality and Illusion

We’ve all heard the logic that goes like this: Only Light is real; and dark, being the absence of light has no intrinsic reality. Dark is not something that can enter into a room, for example; a room is only dark in the absence of light. This is true enough, but the conclusion is then made that dark is only illusion. In Love Without End it is clearly explained that dark is real enough, but it’s a derivative of the absence of Light.

“Evil is not innate to existence. Good and evil were not established as equal and opposite forces belonging to an eternal dream. Evil is simply disconnection from God and denial of the love that you are!5

“Evil is derivative, not primal. Evil created nothing. Through love, God created everything, and there are no other causes–dualistic or otherwise. In the beginning there was not good and evil. There was only good! There is a difference between creation and derivation. God is the source of all creation. Derivation is the result of choices!” 5

“The source of evil is the denial of love which results in the ill-fated chaos of life, unsupervised by love. When a person has denied the love that he is, he loses the power to command the affairs of his life. In its place he will use force or deception.”6

And so dark or evil is the reality derived from the denial of love. But it does not exist independently of love, and has no power over it. More precisely, the effect of evil or absence of love is real, but evil does not exist as an independent power. The effect is real, however, otherwise our choices would have no consequence and earth existence would be without meaning.

“Once a person has denied the power of love, life opens very few doors for him except for those he breaks down with force or deception. War is often a desperate attempt to generate opportunities that no longer exist for those who have denied love.”7

Darkness and light are not in a dualistic relationship to one another. Since dark (or evil) has no power over light, it is not its opposite. However, darkness is derived from choices that deny love, and so the choice to love or deny love is the seeming duality we face from the perception of the separated mind. But as we grow in our ‘Light quotient’ the choice to deny love becomes ever weaker until there is but one option, that is, the choice dictated by love; and so neither does this choice represent an absolute duality. Duality is only a perception of consciousness that is at a lower level of Light.

“Mankind looks at everything in terms of opposites. He measures up by down, north by south, white by black, and dull by clear. Scales of comparison can be helpful in discerning, although such a scale is only valid if both ends of the spectrum are known and available for observation. When the ends reach beyond your consciousness, the scale is irrelevant.”8

Any point on a scale or spectrum is relative to a constant, or in this case, an essence that has an absolute reality (e.g. light, love, health); knowing that constant enables us to utilize the scale without losing sight of what each point means. If we would see evil as the point of greatest absence of light or love, we would understand that to resolve evil in the world we must bring love/light to the situation. Trying to change evil by actions that retaliate and themselves deny love would clearly be seen as futile and having an effect opposite to what is desired. Love alone will shift the condition within the spectrum, because love is the constant (in this example).

This is because the essence of Love is real. Love has existence–it has a distinct vibratory rate and intelligence, whereas its absence expressed as fear or evil does not. You can dissipate fear by love, but you cannot bring fear to love and diminish that love. A person who has strong self-respect, for example, will be undaunted by disrespectful behaviour of another; yet a person with little self-respect will be uplifted into a higher state of being when they are treated respectfully. Respect is an archetypal essence that is real–it has a unique vibratory rate and a specific intelligence. It is true that a person can be ‘brought down’, but only if they lack the strength of the ‘essence’ in question in the first place.

What we term as opposites are simply variable conditions of exposure to what is a constant. Respect and disrespect are not opposites in power, though the results created by respect and by its absence contrast one another. The ‘constants’ are essences of spirit that have independent reality. Their ‘absences’ are mistakenly given an independent reality and as such, are viewed as powers in and of themselves; but this represents error in thinking, and is precisely what leads to illusion.

As another example, illness is the absence of health. Illness is not a condition that exists independently of health with the power to oppose it.8 You do not attract illness, but rather you repel health. If you wish to move up on the scale of health, you have to bring health-giving influences and embrace the wholesome energies that you were repelling. Illness is not healed by its study and treatment out of the context of the whole, in this case, the whole being health and wholeness. Diseases do not exist independently from health and wholeness. Disease does not take away from health, but rather, loss of wholeness is causative of disease. We must look to the state of health/wholeness and its loss in order to understand the progression toward disease. When we lose sight of the full spectrum of the scale, we lose sight of the truth. Without truth, we will attempt to break down the doors that have been closed to us with force, in an attempt to generate other options. We see this clearly in the medical treatment of so many diseases that focuses on eliminating symptoms without restoring health.

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