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Top 5 Benefits of Gay Blogs for the LGBT Community Worldwide

In the information age, blogs have become important and popular tools that are instrumental to distributing knowledge and news to wide and diverse populations. As such, blogs are necessary tools for any group wishing to keep its members abreast of new information and developments. While blogs are important to any group, because of the way the LGBT community is spread out around the country and the world, gay blogs are even more important in making sure that all are kept up to date on items that are relevant and vital to LGBTs.

One important benefit of gay blogs is that they promote greater awareness of issues that are important to the LGBT community. While the struggle for marriage and civil equality has scored many victories in the past several years, it’s important to all in the community that its members keep up to date on the progress of the fight on such issues and the ways that the issues are being advanced capsdoc.com. Data about progress in one area could provide a way for others to push forward in another area.

Another benefit of gay blogs is that they provide a way for LGBTs to meet other people and to discuss trends that they see occurring within the community or greater societal happenings that could ultimately cause an impact on other LGBTs. Having forums where LGBTs can explore such trends means that they are better able to react to them and prepare responses to those items that could be harmful or embrace those that portray LGBTs in a better light.

While news about progress and trends are helpful, blogs can have an even more tangible plus. As LGBTs are still often victims of discrimination and violence, blogs can have the very real impact of warning others about specific incidents and rallying people to fight institutions that continue to promote discrimination. While the community cannot and should not live in fear, it can be helpful to be reminded that many struggles remain before LGBTs are truly considered full and proper citizens before the law.

However, news about the LGBT community should not all be about the challenges that still face it. That’s why blogs can be important propagators of news of successes and events. Every day, LGBTs win more battles for equality and host more events that celebrate its members and their contributions. As a result, blogs can help spread news of these victories, which can serve as inspirations to others, and promote knowledge of and attendance at these events, so that they can achieve the greatest degree of success.

A final important advantage to gay blogs is to raise funds and support for gay causes and LGBT friendly politicians. Every success for the LGBT community requires money and manpower to drive it further. Blogs are vital tools in rallying these resources and increased readership of gay blogs can help to form a more vibrant and engaged social force.

Gay blogs have a vast potential to drive change, promote awareness, and mold a greater sense of family for LGBTs everywhere. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that gay blogs remind LGBTs that they truly are a community. The LGBT community is a strong and vital group that extends past political and social boundaries and gay blogs help to promote a greater awareness of that fact and a greater unity for the future.

In just the past few years, technology has advanced so rapidly. Not only does everyone now have a cell phone but now it is incorporated in every phone is the ability to take pictures and video. Whenever there is a major news story, video almost immediately is made available and usually the video from the public normally hits the internet before actual news sources are able to. Not only that, but the news sources normally grab video from the internet to instantly use on the news cast while they wait for their own news teams to get the footage prepared.

Video Blogs are also known as vlogs. Just like it sounds like, Vvogs are just like blogs but instead of text, people use video to share their opinion with their readers and the rest of the world. As you can imagine Vlogs have a lot of advantages over text blogging. First, video is more appealing then text. It requires very little effort for the subscriber to receive it. Plus, the potential of excitement over a video blog is normally a great deal higher then your typical text blog.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, and maybe this post might become a little self indulgent, but blogs have become an almost necessity in the marketing game over the last few years. The term “blog” is basically a shortened version of the words: “web log” (because that’s so hard and tedious to say). Some of the original blogs date back to the early 1990’s where people basically kept an online account of their lives, basically an online diary.

Eventually people realized these journal entries could be used for a much more powerful purpose, to reach a wide stream audience for free, thus the creation of the blog. Now we see blogs everywhere to the point where you can’t search for something without results for blogs popping up as well. Blogs now give voices to those who wouldn’t normally have voices years ago, in some cases it’s a good thing, while in other cases it’s a bad thing. But what this does is beg the question of whether or not Blogs and online media have or are killing the print media industry. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that as the internet exploded and became more interactive, newspapers and magazines saw a significant drop in readership which in turn led to a drop in profits to the point where journalism stables like the Boston Globe were teetering on the edge of going out of business.

The only papers that seem to be doing well now-a-days tend to be free weeklies like Metro or The Phoenix because they offer exclusive stories, interviews, and reviews that are essentially print versions of blogs and most importantly go for the same price of an online blog…$0.00.


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