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Common Problems With Viewing Blogs and Web Sites

From time to time blog and web site designers overlook this very simple thing. People surfing the net need to know what your blog or web site is about. They are not going to scroll down your page unless you give them a reason to.

One of the biggest things on your blog or site is at the top of the screen and it is not even your page they are looking at. It is the browser bar. You need to add a favicon to your site so it will show up in the browser bar next to your site address. This is a very small icon that is about 16×16 pixels. This will give the visitor some sense of belief you know what you are doing.

When visitors are viewing your page Sherry Dyson you need to make sure all of the important information is above the fold and catches their interest in the first view seconds they are looking at it. If not they are gone as fast as they got there. The term above the fold comes from newspaper advertising. If the news paper is folded and your ad was below that fold the reader would not see it before other ads on the page. This is the same thing with the computer screen. The bottom of the screen is like the fold in the news paper.

Some of the things you can do to help keep important information above the fold is to make you header is small enough to keep it from pushing things down the screen. Most screens are only about eleven inches tall viewable. If your header is five inches tall that only leaves you six inches for your ad copy or presale text. Most buyers on the internet are compulsive buyers and they want the info quick and buy it quick. People looking for information want to know they are on a good site to find out what they want to know. If they only see your header and some lines of text that does not catch their eye then they are going to click away. You may have had what they are looking for but it was below the fold.

It is acceptable that the information leads the visitor below the fold but you need to make sure there is something that tells them to scroll down. Most sites that have a video in the middle of the page do not give a visitor any reason to scroll down the page unless they are told to. You could place a big red arrow that says scroll down after the video plays. I would set the arrow to show after the video has played a few seconds.

Remember people need to be told what to do while on your blog or site. If you are NOT telling them what to do then they are not going to stay very long no matter how great your information or product is. Give them a reason and direction to take the next step while there. Also tell them to book mark your site for easy access later.

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