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How to Run a Logo Design Contest

The advent of the Internet has made it much more affordable and convenient for businesses to order a professional looking logo design. From pre-designed templates and DIY software through to custom logo design packages the options are numerous.

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Around 2008, logo design contests started to become popular and their popularity has continued to rise through to the present day. Logo design contests have many advantages over the other, more traditional options. The sheer number of designers competing on some of the larger sites means that you get a vast array of concepts to choose from home improvement hong kong. The crowd-sourcing model means that you get to tap into a global market of designers rather than relying on just a few to work on your project.

Not every logo design contest works out well though and some contest holders fail in getting a suitable design. However, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances of having a successful contest.

In this article we have set out some logo design contest tips. These tips cover what you need to know when it comes to choosing a site to host your contest and actually running the contest. If you know how to run a logo design contest the right way then you are more likely to end up with your dream logo.

Many people make the mistake of trying to go with the cheapest designer they can find. It’s a costly mistake as many times they end up also paying for a second design by a higher quality designer or they end up losing revenue because their results are much lower than they could have been with a higher quality design.

The saying in Spanish “lo barato costa mas” translates as “cheap things cost more” or “being cheap costs you more” and often it is true as you end up paying more in the end replacing poor quality stuff with higher quality stuff when you could have just bought higher quality in the first place.

If you are running a nightclub or promoting for a nightclub or an event a strong, professional design is always a must. There is no point handing out 5000 flyers if they are not professionally designed. Your results and your return on investment will be much greater with a stunning and captivating flyer design than they will be if you use a mediocre flyer design. The same goes for Album cover designs and mixtape cover designs. It’s definitely a lot easier to sell a CD in the stores and on the streets when you have a high quality cover design. Just as it is much easier to get patrons to go to your rave, nightclub or event if you have a high quality flyer design.

There are many reasons why price shouldn’t be your deciding factor in choosing a designer to create your flyers. For one, not all designs are of the same quality. Some require much more skill and time and are worth more as they will return you much greater dividends in the end. A bad design will cost you much more in the long run as you will experience lesser returns and have much smaller event turn outs than you would like. As a promoter this could cost you your night as the club will probably want to switch to a more professional promoter that produces better results for their nightclub. As a nightclub manager this could cost you your job. Finally as a nightclub owner this could just very well cost you your nightclub. Obviously in contrast, a good design will help bring in more revenue and definitely be worth the extra investment in the long run.

You should ultimately go with the best designer you can afford as many times the cheaper ones fail to produce a satisfactory design within your time constraints. As a premium flyer design company many times we are called second, after another designer has already either missed the deadline on a design or simply has created something too hideous for the client to feel comfortable using. They then come to us or another quality design company asking “how quickly” can the company turn around a quality design and stating that they “don’t feel like the other designer will ever produce anything worthy of printing” Quality designers usually knock out the design same day, next day, or within two days and the customers are always extremely happy with the final flyer designs.

So basically in the end by trying to go with the cheaper designers they end up paying both the cheaper designer $50-100 for a design they will never use, then also paying a quality design company an additional $150-600 for the designs they are happy to use. Might as well have started with the quality designer and saved money, time and aggravation.

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