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Biology Research Topics

Any biology student will tell you that biology covers a lot of ground. It can be overwhelming to deal with. It is possible to reduce the research scope and make your results more effective by choosing the right topic. It takes knowledge and skills to select a good topic. So we have compiled a list of topics that will help you make your biology research more meaningful and easier to write. You can also delegate the topic statement and the entire paper completing to a respected writing service that can provide professional biology homework assistance. They can guarantee the completion of any biology research assignment as well as other disciplines.

Here is a list of top biology research topics biologyresearchtopics.com to help you write your papers. You can navigate them by dividing them into sections based on various biology areas. A section has been added that contains a list of effective biology research papers topics.
Environmental and Ecology Biology Research Topics

This branch of biology studies the impacts of human behavior on the planet and sustainability.

Global economic growth and eco sustainability.

Ecology and Aging.

The environment and ecology of plants

Modern ecology: Environment and Resources

The use of plants in environmental assessment.

New ecology risks

Problems affecting the marine environment

Ecology and air pollution

Sustainability is an integral part of everyday life

The concept of environmental sustainability.

Global pollution and its effects on the human body.

How is the constant air pollution impacting the animal world?

Diseases and consequences of heavy metal pollution
Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

Evolutionary biology offers many answers as all living organisms are constantly changing and our planet’s existence is dynamic. This science area covers ecology, genetics, and paleontology.

Tinbergen’s four questions.

The phenomenon known as cancer persistence.

The mechanism for specialization.

Selective sweeps are used to cause diseases.

Genetic drift:

The history of the evolution and effects of aging.

Different populations may have the alcohol dehydrogenase genetic gene.

Why are we divided into races?

How can society influence evolution?

Stamina evolution

The evolution of endotherms, ectotherms.

How does animals’ psychology relate to their geographic ranges?
Topics in Immune System Biology Research

The vast field of immune system research deserves a separate section.
Autoimmunity research.

Immune system and allergic reactions

Immune system and asthma

Tolerance to specific allergens.

How does stress affect our immunity?

Can vaccination increase immunity?

How does an immune system problem cause diseases?

The benefits of vaccines.

Potential issues with transplantation and immunology

Different races have different immune systems.

The functions of human immune system agents.

Immunotherapy effectiveness.

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