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Ice Hockey Goals – Preseason Training Tips to Achieve Your Best Game

If you want to reach your hockey goals, doing some off-ice training during the summer is an absolute necessity. The game has become too competitive to take the summer off, as it is the hardest working player who usually excels and makes it to the next level. NHLers make sure that they are in shape all year around because a slow start to the season will hurt that player’s numbers which, in turn, could lead to a lesser contract. Because of this, players at every level now must work on their game and conditioning constantly or they run the risk of being left behind by the harder working players.

Probably the most popular way of staying in shape during the off-season is through dry land training. Training properly will help you to reach your hockey goals because it will improve your conditioning to the point where you can hit the ice at 100%. One drill to include is an Ice Hockey ice time interval drill, as this will get your body used to taking shifts throughout the game. For this drill, you will run, ride a stationary bike, or do something that will exert some energy for 45 seconds to a minute and then rest for a couple of minutes. If you do this drill for an hour or so, it will go a long way in keeping your endurance levels high. This is meant to mimic your shifts over the course of a hockey game and is a great way to keep your conditioning level high.

Another great way to keep your conditioning at a high level is to do some plyometrics. For these drills, you might want to carry around some additional weight in order to increase your power and explosiveness. Plyometrics are meant to work the muscles by contracting them rapidly. Some examples of these exercises include pushups with a clap in between, jumping between two platforms rapidly, which will strengthen your legs, and even sprints. These exercises might seem like they do not have a lot to do with your ice hockey goals, but the truth is that they work the muscles that you will use in every practice or game.

Finally, you will need to train as a group in order to reach your hockey goals because you will need people to push you through training. There are probably other hockey players in your area who are doing dry land training in the off season and by forming a group, you can ensure that you do not skip out on any training sessions. Your ice hockey goals will only be reached if you are committed to attaining them, but having that little bit of extra help can definitely be the difference between success and failure. Reaching all of your hockey goals will be an awful lot of hard work, but you can definitely do it if you follow these tips can arrive at tryouts in great shape every year.

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