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Exotic Dance Fitness – Cool Workouts for Everyday Women

Have you ever noticed that your muscles are sore after a night of dancing in the clubs with friends? This is because when you are dancing you are using most of the muscles in your body and you are actually performing a highly intense workout. The intensity depends on the music that we dance to and the style in which we dance.

When it comes to dancing as a workout there are two options that we have. We can either learn different dancing styles or learn some exotic dancing routines. Exotic dance fitness is nowadays gaining a lot of popularity as it is highly intense, produces great results and helps you in losing weight at a really fast pace.

Most people think that exotic dancing is the same thing as pole dancing. This is in fact a very common misconception. We need to understand that there are differences although there are also some common aspects that can be pointed out.

When we are talking about pole dancing we are basically referring to dance moves that are done with the use of a stripper pole. This type of dancing will incorporate gymnastic movements and ballet into modern dancing. There is even the possibility to be involved in freestyle pole dancing. Exotic dancing is basically a floor workout. Women and men will use 社交舞 chairs instead of poles and we can even not use them. Exotic dancing introduces different dancing techniques that are going to help you in strengthening and toning your muscles but poles are not going to be used.

While most people do not understand the difference between pole dancing and exotic dancing, most do see the fact that there are many fitness benefits that are associated with the two. You can start now and see what you like. We are sure that you will end up loving both options.

Exotic dancing is a great way to stay fit. Women of all ages and in all physical shapes can use this in order to lose weight, improve strength and increase muscle tone.

Some of the exotic dancing moves will also involve pole dancing. It is also common to use hips a lot and this practice will constantly increase abdominal strength while helping you lose weight. Through pole dancing you will also add different swinging and climbing moves that will ask for more power. You need to do them seductively and gracefully like in gymnastics and this is even harder than doing them normally.

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