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What You Need to Know Before Taking theExam

The 220-602 also known as CompTIA A+ IT Technician exam is meant to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in establishing, optimizing, configuring and analyzing computer systems. Before appearing for this exam, you will have to get an A+ Essentials certification first, along with a Remote Technician & A+ Depot Technician Security+ certification.

Just like how it is with the other CompTIA exams, this one too is intended to help the candidates get into other related courses. So to pass this exam, you will need a complete core knowledge base. And once you pass, you will be recognized as a certified technician who has the skills required to solve major computer OS and hardware issues.

Before you take this Exam, it is important that you know the types of questions that will be asked. You should also know the chapters to focus on most. And, as this is a multiple choice exam, you must be ready to do a lot of preparatory exercises. Study materials are available on the web at affordable prices, which you can use to speed up the preparation. The exam training is available in various formats to best suit your needs and learning style, and also include everything you need like notes and sample questions for practicing. If you have any doubts in the study materials, you can get help from online forums by posting your queries there.

The test has 80 multiple choice questions to be answered in 1 hour 30 minutes. You must score at least 700 marks to get a pass. And although there are no case study type questions in 220-602 exam, it is not a cake walk in any way unless you put in your best effort. So see that you prepare well, and also ensure that you read all the questions carefully before starting to answer. Good luck!

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