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Pop-up Cubes Can Bring Success As Events Marketing and Publicity Products

In order to be considered for inclusion in an events or exhibition marketing campaign a product must have proved its value as a successful piece of events or exhibition marketing material. One outstanding promotional product qualifies on several counts. To my knowledge, the product has been commissioned as an invitation to all kinds of events – exhibitions, weddings, corporate parties, seminars, conferences, Christmas events, product launch events – you name it! I am talking about an automatic pop-up cube.

The automatic pop-up cube can be custom made to a variety of sizes to suit the theme of your event or to replicate a product pack though the most popular sizes seem to range from 75mm to120mm cubed. These products are always custom printed to client specifications and they are usually supplied with a mailing pack which is also custom-printed.

The pop-up cube makes an excellent high-impact event invitation. It is an extremely versatile shape and it has an automatic pop-up action which guarantees that the product will get noticed. Not only that, it is likely that it will get bounced about quite a lot which makes it highly interactive and very memorable. The fact that it has a chunky 3-D shape makes it is very unlikely that your event invitation will get binned.

Pop-up cubes of a medium size of approx 85 x 85 x 85mm make excellent desk-top pen holders and you only need to sacrifice one panel in order to make the transformation! Manufacturers give you the 舞台製作公司 option of supplying the cube with 8 holes in one panel which makes the change from pop-up cube to pop-up pen holder whilst all the time acting as a high impact event invitation.

The fact that the pop-up cube has so much “friendly” space for copy and images makes it a perfect vehicle for many different items of event publicity. Pop-up cubes have been supplied as quite innovative items and have even been used as an alternative to place cards at a corporate dinner. You can imagine the amount of fun they created and what an ice-breaker before dinner. No-one ever talks about place cards – but the pop-up cubes certainly got the ball rolling.

Pop-up cubes can be put to similarly good effect when used as a handout at an exhibition or a product launch. If you hand out a leaflet or a small pamphlet it is easily dismissed from the recipient’s mind and might soon find its way into the nearest waste bin. Hand out a chunky little pack, however, and the reaction is totally different; being met with curiosity and anticipation. On opening the pack, surprise, fun and laughter are typical reactions to a memorable and impressive publicity product. The difference in the levels of success between ordinary leaflets and automatic pop-up products is quite staggering.

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