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Laser Hair Removal Update

Hair removal is getting popular these days, especially with young women in their mid 20s. This is probably because of the images on TV and in magazines of young actresses with smooth, clean skin, free of hair on the face and legs, and even sometimes the bikini line. With all 激光脫面毛 the commercial products that promise permanent hair removal, it is quite difficult to discern which ones really do the job. Most people going for hair removal have however chosen hair laser as the most effective way of permanently removing hair.

Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Worth It? — Vogue | Vogue

There are many ways to remove hair, but only so called “epilating” (removal of hair from the root) can make hair disappear longer than other means. Epilating can be done in many ways such as tweezing, threading, hot wax, using enzymes or turmeric to inhibit the renewal of hair cells, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Some of these methods like waxing and threading can be quite painful while others, such as using oral medications which inhibit hair growth, electrolysis and laser hair removal are not really painful, but more expensive than the other methods.

There are also other means of removing unwanted hair, which fall under “depilation” or the removal of the hair on the skin level. Shaving is the most common depilation method as well as the use of depilatories (creams which can dissolve hair), but all these methods are only temporary and hair grows back several days after.

The permanent procedures of removing hair are, of course, far more costly than ordinary depilation methods. Most people who prefer permanent hair loss would rather go for laser hair removal, which is not only painless but also provides longer results. There are also less or no side effects for individuals who opt to do laser hair removal.

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