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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid State Drives (SSD)

The interest in SSD’s has become overwhelming, its begun a storage race with the normal HDD that aren’t quit out of the game yet but with more and more SSD’s coming into the market, it looks as if they are taking over in a big way. Let’s begin with the question of exactly what is an SSD and what are the benefits. The easiest way to explain what an SSD is, it’s a flash drive larger than the ones you place into your phone or your camera’s. The memory is much like the ones used in ram but can retain the memory without power.

The advantages of a SSD are numerous. First and foremost the sheer speed of the SSD is the most obvious feature ssd drives for sale. There is no requirement for the disk to spin and the arm to find the exact position of the information it is retrieving. SSD’s are essential large flash drives that zip information to and from drive to motherboard. Boot-up times have been cut in half since there is no spinning involved, it’s almost as fast as our brains telling our fingers to type or tell our legs to walk.

Initial performance results of the SSD were very good; however, the write speeds were its downfall, some being as low as 14bs. Another great advantage of the SSD is how silent it runs and lack of heat created through the SSD. From these benefits come additional benefits such as unbelievable lifespan and incredible reliability.

But, there are some disadvantages to the SSD, these being price and storage capacity. While we see prices dropping gradually, people are still looking to spend around $250-$1800. Size is then another consideration. We can run out and grab a 256GB SSD as seen here for around $500, but the 64GB have just gone into value in the market.

It’s easy to setup an SSD, backup your system with a disk imaging program, pull out the HD and replace it with the SSD (both being SATA of course) and restore your system. Similarly, you can do a clean install just as easily as having the HD inside the system. There are no additional cables or carriages to worry about. The solid state drive has become the high-end, highly sought after storage drive. It has quickly found a position where, if manufacturers can find the lower prices, higher storage capacity and availability, the SSD could threaten the mere existence of the HD.

The first obstacle of performance was surpassed long before many knew what SSD stood for. There appears to be so many benefits to owning an SSD for business or personal use, the simplicity of the SSD lies in the absolutely break neck speed in which it completes its tasks. Quicker start-ups, incredible performance, no moving parts, less heat, longer battery life, incredible reliability and durability will soon dominate the market and possibly rid of the old HDD.

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