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Is Your Child Having Exam Phobia?

I was just surfing through Quora and I came across a question where a father asked, “How to motivate my daughter for not having exam fear?” and it reminded me the time when I was a lecturer in an engineering college 200-301. It was the Parents-Teachers meet on the ‘Result Day’. There were the mixed reactions, some of them were happy while some were not. While talking with one of the parents, she told me “Sir! My child studies hard all the time but he does not get good marks. And this has been the situation since his childhood.”

The concern was very genuine and I figured out that it was the most common problem with other parents too. Next day after having a casual conversation with the students, I came to know that most of them were having good knowledge of the subject but somehow they were scoring less in exams.

In most of the students, the reason I found was the Exam Phobia or fear of exam. Thus I tried to find out the solution for that. I read many articles, blogs and psychological research behind exam fear. I shared my following observations during a lecture with the students at the beginning of the new semester:

“It is very common and quite natural that fear of exam develops before the exams and it gets intensive as the date of exam approaches. However, the intensity of anxiety varies from student to student. But it all depends on how you are going to deal with it. It is your attitude with which you will face exam that will get reflected in the mark-sheets.”It is true that there cannot be one single fixed way by which you can overcome exam fear but there are quite a few common techniques that could be used to lessen the pressure of examinations:-

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