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Cigar Cutters

Smoking a cigar is more than a pastime to the smoker, to something compared to a way of living. To the cigar smoker, cigar can be considered a way of a special merry making or a happy moment of communing with friends or of making like-minds meet like-minds. The practice of smoking cigars has been deeply entrenched in the minds of most Americans and there are many adverts, cigar clubs or pubs have been created, all in honor of smoking cigar. If smoking in itself is very important, then we should also consider the importance that ought to be attributed to the cigar cutter. The cutter is more than an accessory, to part and parcel of the cigar and the process of the cigar smoking.

With cigar cutters, scarcity has never been a problem. The cutter is highly available in all assortments and it is usually provided in a pack of key holders, knife sets and other day to day household or partagas cigar everyday kits.

The main function of the cutter is to remove that cap or cover of the cigar before actually lighting it. The cigar cutter is available in the V Cut, the Hole Punch and the Straight Cut. Therefore, what you have should be dependent on your personal choice and the size of cigar you have or aspire to have. What is usually very available is the Straight Cut and it is most preferable to use with small ring cigars.

The Straight Cut cutter can exist as a single blade guillotine or a double blade guillotine. But the double blade guillotine should be preferable because of the cleanliness with which the cut is made on the cigar. The Straight Cutter is also very convenient to carry about and it costs as little as nothing compared to the price of the cigar and the satisfaction you intend to get from the cigar.

The V Cutter is just like the guillotine cutter but it produces a wedge-shape at the top of the cigar.

The Hole Punch cigar cutter is peculiar in that it creates a hollow at the tip of the cigar. But this hollow should be created to be wide enough for smoke to freely pass through.

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