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When a Mobile App Would Be Best for Your Business?

Today, around 94% of internet users in the MENA surf online on their mobile devices. For businesses, this wide market is a big opportunity. In order to provide an effective mobile experience, they face two options: a mobile site or an application buy mobile app installs. While the former is designed to fit all screen sizes using any web browser on any device, the latter is a downloadable software that must be built according to the device’s operating system (iOS, Android, Microsoft… ). So wondering which one suits your business?

The main factor to decide whether to go for a mobile site or an application is the purpose of this initiative. A mobile application is your best choice in the following cases:

Unlike applications, mobile sites don’t have the possibility to interact with the device. So when your objective is to alert users with messages on their smartphones notifying about a specific activity occurring within your entity, an application would be your best option. For example, despite being one of the most visited websites, Facebook developed a mobile application to send push notifications on users’ portable devices when, for instance, a message is received or they have been tagged in a picture.

Effects in mobile applications are generally superior than mobile sites. App graphics can be stored on the device which provides better gaming experience and performance. On the other hand, effects on mobile sites are limited by web technology.

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