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Blogging – Express Yourself on the Web

Blogging has become an additional domain for one to advertise for those who feel that the world has become more tech-savvy and newspapers are no longer a ‘must read’ in their leisure time. This form of web based journalizing has evolved with the internet becoming a ‘necessity’ at every place. Technically speaking, people have started taking up writing on the web and these writers are coined as a ‘blogger’; the activity of writing and posting your own articles on the net is called ‘blogging’ and the posted content is called a ‘blog’.

A ‘blog’ might sound more synonymous to a website for more reasons than one as it is a website or can also be a part of the website. To further refine the term,’ a blog’ is an exclusive website for an individual or a group of individuals’ working or ‘blogging’ together.

A distinction between a Website and ‘blog’ is that a Website is more official with a static page on the net whereas a ‘blog’ has a more personal dynamic to it and the content enjoys a lot of liberties tech web post. To further distinguish the two, a Website is a simple means of communication where information on the related topic is put up for the readers to read. A ‘blog’ is very simply defined as a semi interactive website wherein any individual can post any kind of content and any other web user can respond by posting a comment for the content blogged. In conclusion, a Website is serious network while a ‘blog’ is an informal one.

A ‘blog’ can carry any sort of information which may not always be information. In fact, a ‘blog’ can more liberally be called as a web-diary! An individual can write stories, a movie review; a report on a current affair or even about an interesting real life experience. This makes it a completely user designed page where one gets to express his or her thoughts on everything, anything or even nothing. ‘Blogging’ can also be taken up as a serious activity to voice one’s views on serious issues, as a favorite pass time, or a current favorite; a networking tool to connect to other people.

‘Blogging’ has two aspects. When done for fun, it’s like scribbling on your scrapbook. But when you wish to discuss serious issues, you need to gain listeners and readers. To increase consumer traffic to your ‘blog’, you need to present it in a more professional way which does not mean formatted writing. To enhance your ‘blog’ as popular and responsive, you simply need to build worthy content. You can also specify links to other external sites or ‘blogs’ where the referred site needs to have authenticity too.

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