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How Google Will Give SEO Value to Comments

It’s an aspect that almost every SEO company and practitioner has been unsure of for a long time, namely how Google assigns SEO value to the comments posted on websites? This is another piece of the very large, secretive and complicated puzzle that is the Google SEO Algorithm. Google is rumoured to have recently purchased and implemented 3rd party software which allows it to better allocate SEO value to all comments on websites. This looks to us like another attempt to force people away from Facebook towards using Google+ as their preferred online social media platform.

Comments form part of the text on a web page that the Google bot or “spider” crawls or reads. There are programs Buy Google Reviews and software available online that can automate comments, which Google wants to steer clear of due to the “spammy” nature of this automation. The main problem for Google in the past was deciding which comments were legitimate and which could be considered “comment

spam”. This 3rd party system would allow Google to assign less value to comments that would be seen as manipulative and more value to “useful” comments. Google would track the overall Google activity of the author of each comment by tracking their Gmail, Google+ and YouTube usage. Commenters would have to build up their credibility with Google to have their comments seen as having SEO weight.

It goes without saying then that we have seen the end of “NoFollow” tags on comments and as long as Google sees the authors of comments as credible, link juice will be passed on to the sites which they link to in the comments. Google will however limit the value of excessive links from legitimate commenters over a short period of time, so commenters would be advised to use this tactic sparingly. The highest value would be given to links that are on-topic, haven’t been posted an inordinate amount of times and have good click-through rates.

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